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About Our Bows

You don't have to sink a fortune into a bow to get world-class performance. You can outfit a state-of-the-art Renegade bow with all the bells and whistles, yet still not equal the cost of the bows from other companies. And you don't have to sacrifice a thing. You get a forgiving bow, hand-crafted and wonderfully designed to deliver the performance archers demand and hunters depend on. Now, you might not see as many Renegade bows out there as some other brands, but don't blink. We're gaining fast, and you certainly won't hear us coming.

Lifetime Warranty

Renegade Archery compound bows come with a lifetime warranty to the original buyer to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Short of running it over with your truck or it falling from your pack-horse down a mountainous slope, we'll take care of it. Hey, our bows are tough as nails, but even we have our limits. The warranty excludes strings, cables, and grips, but you probably already knew that.

Get It. Now.

While other manufacturers might take weeks, even months, we'll have your Renegade Bow on its way to your dealer in 48 hours. You just laid down some hard-earned dough for a bow; you shouldn't have to wait to show it off.

For more information about any products, please call us at (715) 568-2730.


Our main goal is to provide the highest quality hunting bows and accessories possible. We know what makes a great compound hunting bow and we've included it all in our new Outlaw series of bows. Whether you're hunting whitetail deer in Wisconsin or ground caribou in Alaska, the full line of Renegade Archery products will enhance your bowhunting experience! Trust in our 23 years of bow-making experience when your are choosing your next bow.
View the compound hunting bows currently available from Renegade Archery.


Our New Outlaw Bow Series is Now Available!
Purchase your Outlaw bow in either 32" or 34" lengths. With IBO speeds of up to 310 feet per second, these bows are the pefect tools for any game. Learn more our Outlaw Bow series!
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