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Lifetime Warranty

Renegade Archery compound bows come with a lifetime warranty to the original buyer to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Short of running it over with your truck or it falling from your pack-horse down a mountainous slope, we'll take care of it. Hey, our bows are tough as nails, but even we have our limits. The warranty excludes strings, cables, and grips, but you probably already knew that.

Get It. Now.

While other manufacturers might take weeks, even months, we'll have your Renegade Bow on its way to your dealer in 48 hours. You just laid down some hard-earned dough for a bow; you shouldn't have to wait to show it off.

For more information about any products, please call us at (715) 568-2730.

About Renegade Archery

Renegade Archery Company has been in business for over 23 years. Our main goal is to provide the highest quality hunting bows and accessories possible. We know what makes a good bow and we've included it all in our new Outlaw series of bows.

Renegade Archery Company, LLC was formed in the fall of 1998 by its three principal owners Bill Herrmann, Mike West, and Bill "Bearcrazy" Wiesner. The first Renegade bows were introduced at the National Archery Show in Indianapolis in January of 1999.

We are dedicated to quality, dependability, customer satisfaction, and the future of archery. Renegade makes the finest quality hunting bows on the market and offers them at affordable prices.