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Lifetime Warranty

Renegade Archery compound bows come with a lifetime warranty to the original buyer to be free from defects in material and workmanship. Short of running it over with your truck or it falling from your pack-horse down a mountainous slope, we'll take care of it. Hey, our bows are tough as nails, but even we have our limits. The warranty excludes strings, cables, and grips, but you probably already knew that.

Get It. Now.

While other manufacturers might take weeks, even months, we'll have your Renegade Bow on its way to your dealer in 48 hours. You just laid down some hard-earned dough for a bow; you shouldn't have to wait to show it off.

For more information about any products, please call us at (715) 568-2730.

New Bows From Renegade Archery
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NEW FOR 2011/2012: OUTLAW II

Any hunter. Any situation. The new Outlaw II provides unmatched flexibility. It's smooth, fast, quiet, and comes standard with:

STS System – The ultimate in bow vibration dampening equipment, the system stops the string's forward travel at the true brace height. It reduces string oscillation and vibration, resulting is a more consistent and quiet shot.

Bowjax Limbjax Limb Dampeners – The dampeners use the four arms to actively deaden noise and vibration caused by the action of the bow limb.

Two Cam System – The cam creates a smoother rollover when drawing the bow and eliminates the shock on the release, yet it’s super fast and accurate.

Machined Aluminum Riser – The lightweight riser has an arrow rest mount, two-piece quiver mounts, and a comfortable formed grip.

CPT Lazermatch Limbs – The most perfectly matched limbs in the industry!


32" Outlaw II

34" Outlaw II


305 feet per second

310 feet per second


50-80 pounds

50-80 pounds


26-30 inches

26.5-30.5 inches


7 inches

7.5 inches


33.25 inches

35.25 inches


33.25 inches

37.25 inches


35.5 inches

37.25 inches